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Horse Racing in the UK

Horse racing is a massive sport in the UK Many people from all over the country dress up in fancy attire and gather together for the annual event, Ascot Racing. If you’re planning on visiting the UK or you’re a local that wants to participate and make money, then check out our useful tips below.

Socialise with the Jockeys and Trainers

To feel like a champion, you have to speak to the winner first. Jockeys have the secrets to success by knowing the history of wins that the horses have had. Trainers have also been with the horses from the very start, so they have the account and biological information that you need to better your chances.

Socialising with jockeys and trainers helps you understand the sport more, and you can develop a friendship with the same mutual hobby. Another way of getting better success in winning is to analyse each horse and compare how many wins and loses they’ve had and what made them lose in races.

Check the weather conditions and track information

The horse and the jockey may be the stars of the show, but what good is the show if the conditions aren’t excellent? Even though the weather can sometimes be unpredictable, the track ground is not, which is why you have a good chance of winning if you inspect the feet first.

Believe it or not, horses have different preferences and strengths when it comes to running. Some love hard grounds and are at full speed, whereas others prefer soft soils and are still fast. To be a winner, you need to understand the potential winner and their strengths.

How will you bet on the horse?

Another way to make money on horse racing is by betting correctly. Whether you want to gamble online or with professional horse bettors, you still need to know the math terminology behind it. Betting on horses is based on odds and the numbers to be given at the time.

There are different methods of doing this, but the most effective way is by providing full support to the horse and analysing the chances with both facts and numbers.

However, the most important and obvious way of making money is to know how to read the racing card. If you don’t know this, then all the other tips will go into vain.

Speak to experienced money makers

The best way to get advice about how often you should bet and when it’s the right season is to speak to experienced money makers who are already deep in the game. There’s always a strong community who share the same hobbies and interests, which is another reason to communicate with experienced people.

Our say

Horse racing can be an educational and fun experience if you take the time to understand it. However, if you’re looking to make a long term income out of this, then you should consider the tips that we’ve listed above to better your chances.

16 Jan 2021